The way the Association was established

  • Until 2002 in Poland there was no representation of beef cattle producers,
  • The Polish Association of Beef Cattle Breeders  in 2002 extended their scope by representing also beef cattle producers.
  • The Association did not achieve its goal on introducing since 1.05.2004 direct subsidies for beef production for beef cattle producers
  • Almost EUR 400 million per annum negotiated for Poland for direct subsidies for beef production was incorporated into the uniform area payment.
  • In 2004 the group of breeders of the Polish Association of Beef Cattle Breeders and Producers along with producers, undertook actions for the benefit of re-examination by the government of the beef livestock sector, introducing support for the sector including introducing direct subsidies for suckler cows or a special beef bonus for beef cattle producers.
  • In 2005 the initiative group noticing that the interests of livestock breeders and producers are partly concurrent, but in part they are different and sometimes contradictory, it recognized that for the clarity of representation, the interests of beef cattle producers require a separate organization independent from organization breeders and created the Polish Beef Association.
  • Our members are active both in our Association (for instance in the case of obtaining support from the government for the sector of beef production) and in the Association of Breeders (e.g.in with regard to obtaining subsidies to biological progress)

The difference between a beef cattle breeder and producer

  • A breeder runs breeding to obtain material for breeding, heifers for suckler cows, bulls for reproduction. The market for breeders includes insemination stations and beef cattle producers. Breeders must have higher skills, knowledge and the results of their work are subject to procedures of selection and verification by the Association of Breeders. The stock under assessment in Limousine breed in France 15%.
  • A beef cattle producer breeds pure-breed or mixed cattle to obtain slaughter material. A producer focuses on obtaining the assumed weight and the level of fatness at the lowest cost. The market for beef livestock producers includes fattening houses for cattle fattening and meat industry. The results of their work are verified and classified by the recipient. The stock of Limousine breed in France for livestock production (production) 85%.

The goals of the Association


  • Bearing in mind the need to obtain support from government and non-governmental administration as well as the European Union for Polish beef cattle producers, defence of their interests, improvement in the income, assistance in arranging the producers into producer groups and pursuit to establish the Polish Association of Beef Cattle Producer Groups the Founding members appointed the Polish Beef Association.

The goals are pursued by:

  • seeking support from the government, non-governmental administration for the development of beef cattle and cooking beef production of quality corresponding to the requirements of consumers
  • inspiring to form beef cattle producers groups,
  • actions to improve the quality of beef,
  • support for implementing new products, processes and technologies,
  • support for building cooperation networks,
  • support for knowledge transfer,
  • counselling and training
  • Seeking the most profitable sales markets for beef cattle, slaughter and cooking meat,
  • promoting beef consumption in Poland
  • use of beef in the promotion of regional products and their role as important elements of cultural heritage.
  • promotion of environmental methods for breeding cattle, ecological beef production of high quality