QMP System

QMP Dobra Wołowina

What is the QMP System?
The certification system QMP (Quality Meat Program) was prepared by the Polish Beef Association to support the production of safe and good cooking beef. In 2008 the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development acknowledged it an official domestic beef quality system.
QMP System is a voluntary beef meat system of guaranteed high quality. The system is open for beef cattle producers, feed manufacturers, livestock carriers, meat processors who are subject to control of an independent certification unit.
Everyone, who works in the QMP System (breeder, processing entity, transport companies) undertakes to comply with strictly defined rules (QMP Standards) the observance of which is controlled every year by an independent certifying body.
Standards of the QMP System define the entire process of beef meat production, from indication of breed for the best meat, to the manner of its packing and labelling. Thanks to them, QMP certified beef, which goes to trade and on tables, is always tasty, tender, juicy, soft and from a trusted source. Regardless of which region it comes from.
The system guarantees beef production, which satisfies qualitatively this meat consumer and gourmets expectations and gives an opportunity to get a higher prices per cattle piece. Cattle producers are the foundation of beef supply chain at the domestic and foreign market.
At the present moment, among Polish farmers we already have a few dozens of farms covered with beef deliveries certification in the QMP system, and the attractiveness of the system is confirmed by the growth in the number of participants!