Basic requirements

The system's participant voluntarily accepts the principles specified in standards referring to the selection of animals, animal welfare, nutrition and environmental protection.
Breeds of cattle: Limusine breed cattle (LM), Charolaise (CH), Angus (AN, AR), Hereford (HH), Salers (SL), Simentaler (SM) etc. and meat mixes (MM).
Higher welfare of animals:  free-range cattle sheds chain-free, group systems, recommended dehorning and castration.
Nutrition according to the type and breed according to the recommendations of fattening standards of the QMP System.
Feeds, feed materials and feed mixes of high quality: they must come from participants of the QMP system or other system of quality assurance accredited for compliance with the European standard PN-EN 45011 e.g. from ecological production.
Transport of animals to abattoirs must proceed with observance of the conditions of animal welfare.
Slaughter must be executed in a humane manner, at minimum stress level and in accordance with the requirements stipulated in all the regulations and codes of proceedings.