Certifying bodies

The QMP System is open for all certifying bodies meeting high requirements specified in the documentation approved during the accreditation process by the Polish Accreditation Center.
Currently, in the QMP System the certification process is performed by one certifying body:
Dąbrowica 185 P /k Lublina
21-008 Tomaszowice
Phone: (81) 501 68 30
2. Biocert Małopolska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Lubicz 25A


Step by step how to obtain a certificate

In order to obtain a certificate confirming fulfilment of requirements of the QMP System you should:

  • First, meet the requirements defined in the QMP Standards, in the case of agricultural manufacturers it is about QMP Standards Cattle;


  • Then fill in and send to the selected Certifying Body the application for certification (the list of units providing certification services is located below);



Basic requirements

The system's participant voluntarily accepts the principles specified in standards referring to the selection of animals, animal welfare, nutrition and environmental protection.
Breeds of cattle: Limusine breed cattle (LM), Charolaise (CH), Angus (AN, AR), Hereford (HH), Salers (SL), Simentaler (SM) etc. and meat mixes (MM).
Higher welfare of animals:  free-range cattle sheds chain-free, group systems, recommended dehorning and castration.


Benefits for the farmers

An incentive to participate in the system is bonus paid by certified abattoirs for delivery of cattle produced in a QMP certified farm.
It usually amounts to 1 PLN/kg of dressing percentage (WBC), i.e. approximately 300 PLN a piece.
The amount of bonus depends on the individual agreements between the farmer and abattoirs.


QMP System

QMP Dobra Wołowina

What is the QMP System?
The certification system QMP (Quality Meat Program) was prepared by the Polish Beef Association to support the production of safe and good cooking beef. In 2008 the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development acknowledged it an official domestic beef quality system.