Polish Beef Association

Polish Beef Association

Polish Beef Association

Polish Beef Association

We are seeking support from governmental and non-governmental administration for producers of beef cattle and culinary beef of a quality that meets the requirements of consumers.

We strive to achieve higher income by our members of beef cattle producers and participants of the national QMP quality system recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the EU.

We support the development of sustainable production with higher animal welfare, healthier animals, which is better for the climate and greater economic resilience of farms.

We strive for the most profitable outlets for fattening cattle, slaughter cattle and culinary meat produced in the sustainable production system.

We work to integrate the environment in the beef supply chain, to expand the scope of international cooperation, and to strengthen the position of Polish farmers at Copa Cogeca.

Who we are?

The Polish Beef Association is a professional agricultural organization registered in 2005 on the basis of the provisions of the Act of October 8, 1982 on socio-professional organizations of farmers (Journal of Laws of 1982 No. 32, item 217).

We associate farmers rearing beef cattle and young fattening cattle, producers of suckler cows and people directly related to the nature of their work with agriculture and interested in rearing beef cattle.

PZPBM is the Administrator of the national beef Quality Meat Program (QMP) system.



Our main goal is:

Defense of individual and collective rights and interests of their members of beef livestock producers and supporting their activities for their further development in beef cattle breeding, improvement of the quality of produced livestock and qualifications of producers in this area, improvement of income.

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Smulikowskiego 4, 00-389 Warsaw

We are wherever you need us.

We promote sustainable methods of cattle breeding and the production of high-quality beef.

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I love Beef

Want to know more about good QMP beef? Join the exclusive QMP Beef Lovers Club and see what you can gain from it.


If you are interested in healthy, natural food from Polish producers, this portal is just for you. You will find a lot of inspiration, recipes and cooking tips here.


A social networking site that allows you to create new relationships and expand business contacts by creating producer and sales groups that increase competitiveness on the Polish market.

Sustainable Beef Platform

The Beef Sector Council in cooperation with the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development implements the Polish Beef 2022 strategy adopted in 2018, the aim of which is to ensure the sustainable development of the Polish beef sector. Actions in this area must comply with the principles of animal welfare, protection of the climate and the natural environment and economic balance. With the above in mind,the Polish Sustainable Beef Platformwas established, the aim of which is …

QMP quality system

QMP (Quality Meat Program) is a national food quality system recognized by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. The QMP certifies practically the entire process of beef production. QMP beef is obtained from specially selected breeds of cattle, bred for culinary meat, which is perfect for cooking.

The Polish Beef strategy

The „Polska Wołowina” strategy is the result of cooperation between industry organizations
In December 2016, representatives of the Polish beef production industry, taking into account the challenges facing the sector and trends on the domestic and global market, signed the „Polish Beef 2022” agreement, establishing the Beef Sector Council to jointly develop and implement the beef sector strategy

We are a member of the Beef Sector Council

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